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Adults - Food Co-op

Saint Peter Food Co-op classes, 228 Mulberry Street

Class space is limited, register by calling 507-934-3048 ext. 1!

Taco Salad + Energy Bars

Massa will prepare a flavorful taco salad with turkey and seasoned black beans. Combined with her rich peanut butter energy bars for dessert, this meal is sure to liven up any weekday menu! Max. 25

Massa Kessellie

Thu., Sep. 19, 67:30 p.m., Register by Sep. 16, call 934-3048 x.1. FREE. 


Chicken and Apple Stew

October is a wonderful month for fall produce in Minnesota, especially apples. This class will focus on stews using the produce available. Stefanie’s recipe is originally for pheasant, but she has adapted it for chicken. Ingredients for the stew include apples, apple cider, and a little bit of calvados, which is a French apple brandy. Yum! Max. 25

Stefanie Hailperin

Thu., Oct. 3, 67:30 p.m., Register by Sep. 30, call 934-3048 x.1. FREE. 


Cultural Tea Party

Join Vusa Bentley, from the post Soviet country of Azerbaijan to share in her traditional roots of tea drinking. If you like drinking tea or are interested in the art of drinking tea, this class is for you. Vusa will present a variety of traditional tea cups along with long-held secrets for brewing the perfect cup of tea! Max. 25

Vusa Bentley

Thu., Oct. 10, 67:30 p.m., Register by Oct. 7, call 934-3048 x.1. FREE. 


Fermentation 101

Fermenting is a simple and tasty way to preserve food while adding to digestive health. People around the world have been using fermentation for thousands of years and it’s more than just sauerkraut. You can thank fermentation for wine, tea, bread, cheese, chocolate and so much more! There will be a variety of fermented foods in the class for you to try! Max. 25

Vicki Rose

Thu., Oct. 17, 67:30 p.m., Register by Oct. 14, call 934-3048 x.1. FREE. 


Whole Chicken

What do Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page have in common? They were all Yardbirds! Explore new methods for cooking a whole chicken (yard bird) with Jon, the Co-op’s Meat Buyer. Max. 25

Jon Bentdahl

Thu., Nov. 7, 67:30 p.m., Register by Nov. 4, call 934-3048 x.1. FREE. 


Christmas Jam + Quick Bread

Maureen L. Widmer is a Registered Cottage Food Producer with over 20 years of preserving experience. With seasonal cranberries and other fresh fruit, Maureen will put together a lovely and colorful Christmas Jam. She will pair the jam with fresh quick bread for a delicious snack or appetizer for the upcoming holidays! Max. 25

Maureen L. Widmer

Thu.,. Nov. 21, 67:30 p.m., Register by Nov. 18, call 934-3048 x.1. FREE. 



Using a variety of delicious meats and cheeses, Jon will give expert advice to help you prepare a classic charcuterie plate that is perfect for any holiday gathering! Max. 25

Jon Bentdahl

Thu., Dec. 5, 67:30 p.m., Register by Dec. 2, call 934-3048 x.1. FREE.